At Samuel's Gorge I am looking to collate the tools and experience that I have gathered over the years to craft wines with focus, specialising in three key varietals that I think excel in McLaren Vale; Grenache, Shiraz and Tempranillo.

The barn from which I work was built in 1853 and is positioned on a ridge top that runs east/west on the southern lip of the Onkaparinga River National Park. Dramatic Australian wilderness greets me every morning on the way to the barn.


When you come to Samuel's Gorge I host tastings in what was historically an olive press house; and I image a blacksmith workshop before that. Visitors are encouraged to take time out and embrace the unique and beautiful surrounds. Our wines like all wine should be part of an occasion, shared with friends amongst engaging conversation and chatter. For those who have a need a to quench their curiosity for wine knowledge I will be not too far away and always enjoy giving further insight into to my life of wine and how things are done at Samuel's Gorge.
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