Stephen & Sadie Gomer

They say;

Wistmosa Wines we are all about family, good food, great friends and loving the lifestyle we are lucky enough to live, all while enjoying making great wine.

I am passionate about wine and grape growing - having grown up with a father who enjoyed the finer things in life, such as the joys of wine appreciation (commonly known as tasting) and home brewing. Since leaving school and having completed a Science qualification, I have also enjoyed the ‘hobby’ of wine appreciation and wine-making.

Sadie & I have owned two separate vineyards in the McLaren Vale Wine Growing Region since 2006.

I have been involved in the making of wine, on and off since 1996, where I worked in wineries such as Mountadam and Hillstowe. Since the early 2000's, my involvement has been from a distance, as my work took me interstate until 2010.

I grew up on an 80 acre property in Eden Valley, which contained 25 acres of lovely old Shiraz and newly planted Riesling. Unfortunately I saw the effects of the early ‘80’s ‘Vine-pull Scheme’ where my parents were paid by the Government to pull out some of those wonderful old Shiraz vines. I also watched as Mum & Dad suffered the joys of having many ‘bad’ years in a row; watched Mum pruning in the middle of 'lovely' Eden Valley winters; spent my spare time ‘helping’ in the vineyard with picking, fertilising and other necessary chores – and wondered why anyone would choose this as a way of life! Now here I am, married to someone passionate about the industry, and owning our own vineyard in McLaren Vale since 2006 – which I wouldn’t swap for the world!


PO Box 422
McLaren Vale, SA 5171

P: 08 8323 9838
Sadie: 0417 927 428
Stephen: 0417 017 941
E: ssgomer@bigpond.com